Industry Specific Lubrication Training

Under our Industry Composite Series (ICS) we offer customized lubrication training specific for a particular industry. This course is designed for detailed insight on various lubrication aspects and lubricant requirement for any industry. It is helpful for professional having basic knowledge of lubricant and lubrication and want to understand the practical aspects which has impact on lubricant performance and (lubrication based) reliability of machine. It is very helpful of professionals who want to understand the correct lubricant specification, lubricant analysis and troubleshooting of various lubricated components specific to particular industry.

Our structured training modules cover the following;

  • Manufacturing Process with Process Flow Diagram
  • Various equipment used
  • Lube points
  • Operating environment
  • Contamination of lubricant
  • Lubrication challenges
  • Suggested lubricant specifications
  • Lubricant analysis (Test Slate, Frequency and Critical Limits)
  • Troubleshooting
Structured and detailed Insight of the Industry

Our popular modules:

  • Cement Industry Lubrication
  • Steel Industry Lubrication
  • Automobile Industry Lubrication
  • Mining Industry Lubrication
  • Power Industry Lubrication

Each training modules are delivered by our experts having rich experience in that industry.

For lubricant manufacturing companies, we also offer Integration of entire product portfolio in training module, as applicable to a particular industry.

This is an In-house Training that companies can opt for.

Onsite training is for employers wishing to avoid travel time/costs. This can include personalized training with examples from onsite equipment. Our customers have used this option to rotate groups of employees through consecutive trainings and to bring personnel from multiple locations to one onsite training. We are committed to providing options with minimum disruption to plant production.