Jim Fitch (USA)

Jim Fitch

Founder and President of Noria Corporation, is a highly sought after consultant and trainer described by his clients as “Insightful, dynamic and thorough.” He has advised hundreds of companies on developing their lubrication and oil analysis programs and has taught more than 400 training courses in more than 20 countries. He has written various books on Lubrication.

Andy Sitton (USA)

Andy Sitton

Andy is one of S.E. Asia’s leading Oil Analysis Instructors, with a wealth of experience in Oil Analysis in the region, in such countries as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Andy has established and managed Oil Analysis laboratories for such names as Optimal Systems Inc. and Litton Industries, before co-founding Focuslab Ltd. in Thailand. In addition to Commercial Oil Analysis, he has managed Military S.O.A.P Laboratories for the Iranian Department of Defense. He has co-authored several technical papers on the subjects of anti-oxidant testing, varnish and sludge control. He conducts Noria Oil Analysis and Machinery Lubrication Courses for Focuslab Ltd. in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia and India.

Andrew Monk (UK)

Andrew Monk

Andrew Monk has over 25 years of experience in the application and handling of lubricants associated with many industries in various parts of the world. Andrew specializes in lubricant and lubrication system recommendations, fault finding, trouble shooting, the development of planned maintenance systems, lubrication training, condition monitoring, and lubrication management systems. He develops specialized lubricants to meet specific requirements liaising with suppliers and lubricant blenders in order to formulate lubricants to provide solutions. Andrew has undertaken a market research project on the subject of ‘Industrial Lubrication’ as well as lubricants rationalization project for the Ministry of Defense.

Michael Hooper (New Zealand)

Michael Hooper

Michael Hooper commenced his career in Agricultural and Automotive Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Failure Analysis. His experience spans 40 years in many countries around the world (Europe, Arabian Gulf, Africa and New Zealand/Australia) and joined Noria Services as Training Consultant in 2013. Michael is also an experienced and qualified Technical Writer and has produced technical/engineering manuals and documentation across a vast industry base (Marine, Agricultural, Automotive, Aviation, Military, IT Software, Mining, Lubrication plus many more).

As a Noria Training Consultant, Michael delivers training programs for management and maintenance personnel at all levels of expertise. Michael holds the following ICML certifications: MLT I and MLA II.

Udey Dhir

Udey Dhir

Udey Dhir, Chemical Engineer & MBA (XLRI) is the Founder of Lubrication-Institute. Udey has a been undertaking consulting projects for over 30 years and has an in depth knowledge of the industry. He has conducted various training programmes throughout his career as well as been a pioneer in introducing Lubrication related training in the Indian Sub-continent.

K N V Subrahmanyam

KNV Subrahmanyam

Subrahmanyam started his career as Lubrication Specialist and Wear Debris Analyst and has over 15 years of rich Industrial experience especially in Lubricant analysis & Ferrography/Wear debris analysis. He is a ICML certified Level-III Machinery Lubricant Analyst and has worked very closely with most industrial segments in India. He has written technical papers on Ferrography & Oil analysis importance on the equipment reliability and published in various international seminars.